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SMILE ACCESS tooth whitening is a care device intended for aesthetic professionals.


It is in no way a medical device.


The whitening gel coupled with LED light gives a boost of shine to your teeth.

In fact, teeth become tarnished or yellow with time, diet, cigarettes, etc., dental technology.photobiomodulation our device allows you to find that natural radiance troubled by all these habits.


- THEblue activates tooth whitening
- THEred is a process accelerator
- THEpurple is a light that amplifies whitening and fixes it



  • Power: 220V/60HZ
  • Voltage: 18W
  • Wavelength 420-480Nm
  • Light size: 33×74 MM2
  • Programmable time: 0 to 20 minutes
  • Comes with a pair of glasses
  • CE certification


Dental whitening treatment with SMILE ACCESS is the most suitable method for dental whitening treatment. We offer you an alternative solution to carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. Our products comply with European standards and are therefore safe for everyone's health.


The action of the coup de brilliance Smile Accessis painless and renewable at your own pace and according to the desired result.


Benefits :
– Relaxing whitening
– Adjustable mode of use and power
– Thirty-minute independent program
– Ergonomic design

Smile Access PB212, mobile

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