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The Mini Light Angel box includes:


  • The portable deviceMini Light Angel
  • Its mains charger and storage bag
  • 1 Magic Roller face and its storage box
  • 7-day cure with 7 MEDILED ampoules(2- Hyaluronic Acids, 3- Collagens, 2- Oxygenating)
  • Use and care protocol with direct access via QR code to our care protocol videos.2 years warranty


Everything you need to know about the Magic Roller:

The penetration of the microneedles will cause stimulation of the cells which will cause the production of regenerative tissue, with a very significant production of new collagen. The functions of the different skin, dermal and epidermal cells are activated by the passage of the microneedles. , leading to a chain reaction: cellular electrostimulation, potential inversion causing the cells to function like an ion pump. Repeated use of the MAGIC ROLLER causes micro-perforations.

Fibroblasts will therefore migrate massively towards the site of the “attack” and produce collagen fibers to close the micro tunnels thus formed. Elastin fibers will also be formed, an improvement in vascularization and a normalization of melanin production, explaining the interest in the treatment of scars or hyperpigmentation.

Everything you need to know about MEDILED bulbs
The soybeans contained in this serum prolong the life potential of your cells. Rich in essential amino acids and mineral salts, each component of this serum contributes synergistically to the rebirth of vital cellular processes. It acts to restart cellular respiration and helps to revive the activity of fibroblasts, thus stimulating cellular vitality. Thanks to its unique composition of essential nutrients, it helps the skin to actively defend itself against fatigue, stress and skin aging and helps revitalize and stimulate asphyxiated, dull and weakened skin. It thus accelerates the regeneration of epidermal cells, for fresher and brighter skin.

Collagen ampoules :
This anti-aging moisturizer contains native collagen of marine origin, which is a hydrating active ingredient, particularly suitable for dry skin care. Thanks to their film-forming and skin-protecting properties, these active ingredients stimulating cell regeneration are particularly suitable for mature skin care. This treatment also prevents the effects of stress, pollution and the environment.


Hyaluronic Acid ampoules :
This hyaluronic acid treatment is the benchmark for optimal skin hydration. Their powerful combination with natural cotton extract hydrates, reduces roughness and maintains suppleness and softness. The cotton flower is known for its soothing, restructuring and softening properties. Hyaluronic acids increase the synthesis of procollagen and provide firmer, more radiant skin. Applied to the epidermis, this wonderful serum stimulates cell renewal, for softer and brighter skin thanks to the formation of a protective film preventing dehydration.

Mini Light Angel Box 5 + 1 Free

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