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The B-TAN is a professional quality tanning kit. The misting device meets all the requirements of a perfect tanning. Technology and patented design, for exceptionally fine and powerful misting.
With 3m50 hose. This device is quiet, compact and design.


Quality tanning in institute
Full body tan


Easy to use: fill the tank, plug in and tan.


Accessories included:
3m50 hose
Foldable tanning tent


Consumable compatible:
self-tanning lotion 1L and 5L not provided


This portable spray allows a 100% natural tan, an ultra-fine technology that ensures an exceptional, uniform and unbranded tanning finish after use. Ideal for tanning professionals in beauty salons, with tested and guaranteed effectiveness.


This tanning tent offers a simple and convenient way for a tanning session at home. It prevents splashes and dirt from the premises. It can be assembled and disassembled in seconds and once folded, it is easily transportable. It has an openwork part for better visibility.


Directions for use: apply the spray on clean skin, allow to dry for a few minutes. Wash hands after application. Leave the tan on for darker skin. Shower with warm water, the tan will continue to be visible for the next 24 hours.


Sensitive and reactive clear skin is safe! With this self-tanner, get sun in drop and without UV! using a principle called DHA, this device is suitable for any type of skin. When it comes into contact with your skin, this principle creates a coloring without aging, without damaging the sun capital and without the risk of burning.


Contraindications:To be avoided in pregnant women – Do not use in case of damaged skin, asthma. – To be avoided before adolescence. For people on medication, with a medical agreement.

B-TAN, mist tan

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