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B-TAN SLIMSCULPT® uses the electrostimulation process.

It is an electrical impulse that intervenes to contract the muscle by sending stimulation using electrical impulses, which induces supramaximal contractions. This therefore means that the movement stimulates all the electromagnetic muscle fibers at high intensity.

B-TAN SLIMSCULPT® causes 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutest. Which is impossible to obtain through voluntary contraction exercises.


Our technique of electrostimulation with our BTAN SLIMSCULPT is particularly useful for those who are already quite fit and maintain a low body fat percentage, but want to see more dramatic results. B-TAN SLIMSCULPT® is completely painless, no pain or fatigue is felt during application. After the session, it is possible to feel muscle fatigue which can last between 2 to 3 days. Most users need 4 sessions minimum to see the desired results with additional regular maintenance. Benefits: Touch screen: intuitive and quick to use Non-invasive technology Suitable for everyone Only 4 sessions needed 2-3 days apart 16% average increase in muscle mass 19% on average fat reductionContraindications: No side effects or risks are associated with B-TAN Slim Sculpt. However, knowing that these treatments use powerful magnetic energy, they should not be used by people with metal implants, metal hip and knee replacements, bolts, screws or cardiac simulators.


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