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Classic Light Angel® by BTAN is a device specially designed for the practice of aesthetic treatments on the face and body, based on the technique of photobiomodulation, it is a technology which consists of propelling LED lights of different wavelengths onto the skin, which causes biostimulation. Collagen and elastin will thus be synthesized, allowing progressive repair of damaged tissues, the skin therefore regenerates more quickly.


Classic Light Angel produces 4 wave colors of light per LED


Red light 640nm: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces stretch marks, treats orange peel skin.
590nm yellow light: Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins, strengthens the immune system.
Green light 525nm: Reduction of pigment spots, oxygenation and hydration.
Blue light 450nm: Purifying care for skin with imperfections, healing and purifying action.


UV-free LED
Non-invasive and painless
Cold light
CE standard


Light Angel® has a panel of 760 50/50 LEDS generation 2017, which is modular, it is positioned precisely in all directions thanks to an articulated arm with very precise adjustment of the light panel in all directions.

This diffusion of light is gentle, non-invasive and painless. Combined with a whole range of specific masks, the skin will be nourished with active ingredients and skin problems will be treated depending on the type of treatment chosen.


The device guarantees simplicity of implementation and very high quality LEDs. It is a device that comes in the form of a module on wheels, it is easy to handle and light.


Light Angel®contains an articulated arm which will allow one area to be treated at a time for different treatments:

  • Hair regrowth
  • Anti-aging
  • acne
  • stretch marks
  • Orange peel …


Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking tetracycline-type antibiotics (acne treatment).

Classic Light Angel

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