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The Mediled® is a device designed by BTAN for hairdressing and hair care professionals. It uses our natural LED photobiomodulation technique.


It has many benefits:

-Increases blood supply to scalp by 54% after one session only.
-Stimulates hair follicles and their regrowth.
-Makes hair thicker, shinier, softer.
-Repairs and improves hair quality.
-Increases hair strength and elasticity.
-Improves the effects of coloration and perms by closing the cuticle.
-Relieves irritating disorders of the scalp.


It contains a single arm that will treat the scalp in depth to strengthen the hair and promote their regrowth.


The Mediled® is easy to use, not heavy (only 20kg), easily transportable with two castors and very handy.


It is a device that has been developed specifically to promote hair regrowth in men and women suffering from androgenic alopecia (hair loss and weakening of the hair fiber).


Photobiomodulation for hair consists in emitting LED light on the scalp, more particularly red led light (640nm), to fill the bald areas such as the temples, the line of the forehead or the top of the skull.


In general, for a session, we use a microneedling, a device with micro-needles that microperforates the different layers of the dermis, and an oxygenating ampoule to make the care penetrate well into the scalp to obtain an optimal result.


A session lasts 20 minutes.

We advise you to plan at least a course of 10 to 20 sessions, 2 times a week.



Not recommended in the case of hair loss related to chemotherapy or resulting from circumscribed alopecia (or any other autoimmune diseases). It is not recommended either, if you suffer from significant hair loss for more than 5 years)


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