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New generation Light Angel® allows you to provide aesthetic care using natural LED light even more effectively. This device has three articulated arms, one of which is removable and two handpieces.


This new generation makes it possible to offer even more care and benefits thanks to the new colors produced: infrared, cyan blue and violet.


The new table with a touch screen and its list of pre-programmed treatments allows you to practice multi-treatments on more areas at once. This guarantees even faster and more effective results with additional time savings for the professional practitioner.


MODES: Automatic with more than 20 programs (red stretch marks, white stretch marks, recent scars, old scars, Anti-aging, Anti-aging dark skin, skin disease, scalp stimulation, hair loss) and a free mode.


DURATION OF CARE: Up to 45 minutes

SPECIFICITIES: Multi-zones and multi-care by color combination


New generation Light Angel® consists of 3 arms:

– 1 arm for the face, lightsred, yellow, blue, green)

– 2 identical arms for the body, 1 of which is removable : red, yellow, blue and infrared lights

– 2 handpieces (mini-led) with the new colors: lights;cyan blue and violet


The device diffuses cold lights without UV.


Contraindications: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, taking tetracycline-type antibiotics (acne treatment).



New generation Light Angel

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