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The Magic Roller is a device with a roller with very fine micro needles in titanium and a variable length of 0.5mm or 1mm.
The penetration of micro needles will lead to a stimulation of the cells that will cause a production of regeneration tissue, with a very important manufacture of new collagen. This process is called CIT (Collagen Induction therapy ).


The functions of the different skin, dermal and epidermal cells are activated by the passage of micro needles, resulting in a chain reaction: cell electro stimulation, potential inversion causing the cells to function as an ion pump.

The repeated passage of the device leads to micro perforations, of 250 to 300 per cm², with phenomena of charge and electric discharge generates a release of growth signals on the surface of the skin thus treated.

Fibroblasts will therefore migrate massively to the place of the «aggression» and produce collagen fibers to close the micro tunnels thus formed.
Elastin fibers will also be formed, improved vascularization and normalization of melanin production, explaining the interest in the treatment of scars, or hyper-pigmentations


The treatment is ambulatory, very simple.
– After possibly applying an anesthetic cream, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
- The Magic Roller is applied with back and forth movements in all directions.
- The treated area is cleaned with sterile saline.
- there will be a small red picket that will quickly disappear


- Sessions should be spaced 24-48 hours apart and repeated 6-12 times on average as directed.
- In the interval of the sessions, neo-collagens and neo-vascularization will optimize the result.


- Typically 3-4 sessions, with for scars, for example, an average improvement of about 70% (40% after 1st session, 20% after 2nd, 10% after 3rd)
– Any additional sessions must be spaced 3 months apart;


- Treated skin will be cleaned with sterile saline.
- Pain after CIT is very rare and very moderate.
- Redness disappears after a few hours
- No complications, infections, side effects have been reported to date.

Magic Roller

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